Mike McDonald - Lead and Harmony Vocals, Bass

Have you ever come across someone who could play just about any instrument, sing just about any song, and who would haul a band and all of its gear just about anywhere in the state? Well, Mike McDonald is just that person. Mike's love of music is contagious.

Nearly every week Mike brings what he says is, “just a little something I’ve been working on” to the guys in the band. The new song might be an original, a bluegrass classic, or even song from another genre that Mike says would be a good fit. It usually isn't more than a few weeks until that new song is polished up and part of Grassfire's repertoire.

Mike has picked around the campfire with just about every player, at just about every bluegrass festival in California. He is the one who is still picking when the sun is coming up. Mike is always ready to play one more song.

Doug Carlton - Guitar, Harmony Vocals

If you calculate on a map the exact center of California, north, south, east and west, you will place an X on the Hanford home of Doug Carlton. Here is where Doug has turned his living room into a recording studio, all within the good graces of his loving wife, and sharpened his devotion to the Tony Rice flat picking guitar style.  Doug has been known to work for weeks on one part of one song until he gets it just right.  Doug plays his one-of-a-kind Martin guitar and adds a high harmony vocal, the third part, of the three-part harmonies to complete  to each of the band’s songs.

StevO Gillett - Mandolin, Lead and Harmony Vocals

Playing one of the sweetest sounding Gibson mandolins you’ll ever come across, Stevo Gillett brings down the Grassfire soul from higher up in the mountains. From his home on a ridge top at 4,500 feet on the front range of the Sierras, Stevo overlooks the entire Central Valley. Stevo’s is known for his smooth tone and a mandolin picking style that combines elements of bluegrass, blues, and soulful jazz.  

Dave Kyle - Banjo, Lead and Harmony Vocals

Playing banjo and singing lead and harmony vocals he learned while growing up in North Carolina, Dave Kyle settled in the Sierra Nevada foothills. Many years ago, he bought his old OME banjo off the showroom floor of the OME banjo factory in Boulder, Colorado. He embraced the unique mellow Colorado bluegrass culture and brought it with him to California in 1979.

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